The Minnesota Viewers Association will be holding it's third seminar of 2019 on July 18, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Southwest Research and Outreach Center - Lamberton, Minnesota. 

This will be the third Minnesota Viewers Association Seminar of the five for those that are looking for accreditation for the 2019 year.  To be accredited, individuals must be a paid member and attend a minimum of two seminars annually.

The seminar will have SWROC staff present on "Integrated Landscape Management for Agricultural Production and Water Quality."  The seminar is based on years of study conducted on field scale experiments with integrated water management practices.  These practices are becoming a part of drainage system repairs and improvements and may affect the benefits determined for a drainage system.  Viewers should understand any positive or negative impacts to benefits and damages these practices may have.  (Seminar handout - PDF)

The registration fee of $25 for the seminar includes morning coffee, noon lunch and seminar materials.  2019 membership fees are $25.00 for individual membership, or $200.00 for an Associate membership. 

Hope you can attend.

Board Meeting will be at 9:30 prior to the regular seminar.

Third Seminar of 2019

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Minnesota Drainage Viewers Association

The Minnesota Viewers Association will be holding it's third seminar of the 2019 accreditation year on Thursday, July 18th.

What:    Third training seminar of 2019

When:   Thursday, July 18 at 10 AM

Where:  Southwest Research and Outreach Center

              23669 130th Street (MN-330)

              Lamberton, MN 56152