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Minnesota Drainage Viewers Association

A subcommittee of the BWSR Drainage Work Group is working on a legislative request for BWSR to prepare a report to assist the legislature to better understand the impediments to the acquisition and installation of the grass buffers adjacent to public ditch systems.  After the first meeting of this committee the potential impediments have been listed and ranked as to reasons why.  Ron Ringquist, as the MVA representative to this committee, is requesting comments from all viewers to make certain that all viewers considerations are presented.  Please have these returned to Ron by December 1, 2017. 
Below is this list in a MS Word doc (97-03) and in a PDF format.    Please download your choice of format.  Fill out your comments in the form and "Save As" in the same format but add your initials at the end of the file name. 

PDF Format
MS Word

Once the filled out form is saved, you can e-mail it to Ron Ringquist at
If you would prefer to print the form, fill in your comments and then mail it to Ron; his mailing address is: 402 Valley View Dr.
                              Redwood Falls, MN 56283

Training Information Summary


10 am - November 2, 2017


Jackpot Junction Hotel and Convention Center

39375 County Highway 24

Morton, MN 56270

Photo courtesy of RCRCA staff.

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     The Minnesota Viewers Association was established as an educational organization in 1981.  The association has, since it's establishment, worked to provide an unbiased approach to the determination of benefits and damages as set forth in the Minnesota States 103E.  It has strived to establish a professional approach to meet the needs and requirements for the viewing process to be accepted and defendable given the limited guidance stated within the statue.  Every effort is being made in the education of the association members to meet and follow the applicable accepted appraisal practices listed within the Uniform Practices of Professional Appraisal Practices.

     The Minnesota Viewers Association holds training seminars quarterly.  Training seminar information is available on the toolbar to the left.  Training dates will be posted a few weeks prior to the seminar.  Viewers must attend a minimum of two seminars a year in order to maintain Association Accreditation.